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Our Initiative

Apeability is an initiative inspired from human evolution, the ability of a species nurtured by nature to be able to consciously transform its environment and enrich the value of life itself. It is also a lesson learnt on dedicating the creative potential to positive outcomes instead of the current trend towards negative and self-destructive spirals. We embrace transformation and continuous improvement so that we not only survive the next change but thrive through it.

We are a group of apes; call us a circle of friends, colleagues or co-conspirators. We live interesting lives as parents, partners, servant leaders, and ofcourse so called experts and consulting super heros.

Through our collective conscience, constant learning attitude and collaborative approach we enable agile, flexible & heart warming solutions for our partners. We embrace transparency to help organizations see aswell as react to opportunities and limitations, to remove opacity within and around the organization in a way that it does not take away its unique advantages but enhances them and inspires united effort.

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Outcomes we like to shape

Through our personal and professional endeavors we recognize the challenges organizations and their members face while embracing internal transformations as well as external landscape changes. Through the same endeavours we have learnt the multiplicity of paths to achieve similar outputs, however outcomes are unique to each path. We are hence outcomes obsessed. Our criterias of great outcomes are simple, Improved capabilities to thrive as a collective, increased resillience within our partners and their network, Diverse and inclusive individual growth for all organizational members.

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Engagement model that we thrive on

Flexibility is key to thriving while evolving, hence we use a network based business model that allows extensive collective capability that doesnt compromise compliance conformity. The same helps us keep Geographical or Financial limiations to the minimum. Engage us as a sounding board or as retainers, or even your core team, we will deliver effectively with the same methodology and spirit.

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Organizations we love to enable

We are focused entirely to the needs of organizations that create valuable and scalable impact for people, planet and society at large. We actively choose to support and enable organizations whose work addresses social and sustainability issues. Be it NGOs, local & Global missions, Non profits & Intergovernmental agencies, and modern private sector organizaitons that put one or more causes at the heart of their business. We are here for you and your freternity.

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